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AEP Announcement – Grantegy

Just when you thought Grantegy: Don’t Leave Your Grants To Chance could not get any better, Grantegy has been accepted into the GPCI Accepted Education Program. Now, you can earn up to 3.5 CEUs towards acquiring the GPC (Grant Professional Certified) or maintaining your GPC certification when you complete all seven courses in the Grantegy program. Grant Cosulting Services LLC went through a stringent application process with GPCI® to ensure that Grantegy is aligned with the industry-accepted grant Competencies and Skills. GPCI accomplishes its mission through the identification of grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices as measured by a psychometrically valid and reliable assessment tool. To learn more about GPCI, visit

What is Grantegy?

Navigating the grant landscape is a strategic endeavor, not a game of chance. In today’s competitive environment, securing vital resources demands a strategic approach. Our structured curriculum, practical exercises, and expert guidance empower participants to master the art of grant development. From assessing the feasibility of obtaining funds and identifying suitable funding sources to crafting compelling proposals that stand out to grant-making organizations, you’ll feel confident in your ability to secure the resources you need.

Grantegy is your comprehensive blueprint for crafting funding success. Our seven-part program empowers you with the knowledge, tools, and expert guidance to ensure your mission receives the resources it deserves. Here are a few of our learning objectives!

Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct a rigorous Grant Feasibility Study: Validate the organization’s funding potential before investing time and resources.
  • Deploy Potent Optimization Strategies: Create data-driven optimization actions to prepare your organization for grant success.
  • Design a Winning Project: Develop a robust plan with a clear budget and impactful evaluation framework that demonstrates tangible impact.
  • Forge Enduring Relationships: Foster connections with key stakeholders for unwavering support.
  • Find Those Funders: Conduct meticulous funding research to find funders who align with your mission and program objectives.
  • Master the Art of Grant Writing: Learn the ins and outs of crafting captivating proposals that secure the grants you need.
  • Navigate Grant Management & Evaluation: With expert guidance, you can maximize your funding, engage in proactive compliance, and achieve long-term success.

100% of Grantegy participants are Likely or Very Likely to attend another class!

Through workshops, online courses, coaching, and exclusive access to a community, our Certified Grant Professional will help you develop strategies to secure grant funding successfully!

Register for Grantegy today at, and check out our free resources!