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Grant Consulting Services, LLC: A Year In Review

As 2021 draws to a close and we prepare for the Holiday season, we often find ourselves reflecting on the past year, what we’ve learned and how to carry the treasure of those lessons into a new, hope-filled year. And for us in the nonprofit and grant-writing sector, we have certainly learned a lot! 

The challenges, upheaval, and uncertainties of the last two years have taught us how to rediscover, re-evaluate, and re-align with the heart of our mission; why we do what we do, how we do it, and for whom we do it. As we sit in quiet contemplation of what is truly important in light of what this season is really about, let us hold dear only those things which matter most, and let grace, peace, and kindness be truest gifts we offer the world as generously as we can. 

For our team, as we reflect back on what 2021 has meant for us, we are honored and humbled to have been a part of the deeply meaningful work of our valued clients. Although this year has not been without its challenges, (and occasional tears!), we are truly thankful for much to celebrate! 

In 2021, Grant Consulting Services wrote over 200 grant applications for small businesses and nonprofit organizations dedicated to making the world a better, more equitable place for all, and of the $31 million requested on behalf of our clients, nearly $2.4 million has been awarded to date, with more expected in the coming weeks and months! These funds have helped address needs in our communities in so many important ways: food insecurity, economic equality, and environmental stewardship, just to name a few. 

Applications By Sector

Erate and ECF awards have helped provide the necessary resources to keep our most vulnerable children connected to their schools during a global pandemic, such as much-needed technology that would otherwise have been unavailable to them, like internet services, wifi hotspots, laptops, and tablets. What a beautiful and important investment, not only in the lives of these individual children, but in families, communities, and the future of our nation. 

Dollar Value By Sector

Additionally, our CEO and founder, Valerie A. Grant, earned her Grant Professional Certification this year! Valerie is the only grant professional in San Diego County to have earned this credential and we couldn’t be more proud or thrilled to celebrate this wonderful achievement with her! Congratulations, Valerie!

We also want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of a few of our team members. Despite a move across the globe to Thailand with her family during a pandemic, our Senior Grant Writer Lindsay, wrote over 40 grant applications in 2021 alone, resulting in over $300,000 in awards to date for our clients (with more coming in every week)! Lindsay is an incredibly talented and compassionate writer, and we are so thankful to have her on our team. Well done, Lindsay!

Our Erate Specialist, Michelle, worked especially hard this year submitting nearly 100 applications for Erate and ECF funds for schools. Because of her hard work, we were able to help get nearly $2.4 million into the hands of schools and directly impact the education and well-being of thousands of children, keeping them connected with much-needed resources during a pandemic. Thank you, Michelle! The impact of your hard work and dedication has reached far beyond the amazing value you add to our team and we are so thankful for you!

Our GPC family has also grown by two members this year, as we welcomed Jennifer Hayes, Operations Manager/grant writer, and John Unrau, Research Specialist, to our team. With Jennifer and John’s backgrounds in education and healthcare, (respectively), each has brought so much value to our team and what we have to offer our clients, and we were thrilled to have them join us!

Meet Our Whole Team!

With hearts full of gratitude, we wish you and yours peace and rest this holiday season. May the coming year bring you joy and blessing, and may your passion and vision for your generous work be refreshed and renewed as we ring in 2022 together! 

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