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What is the Grant Development Process?

Grant writing involves a process of steps that is cyclical or ongoing. Grant development has a beginning and end. It continues to evolve while some parts of the process remain consistent. Because there are so many organizations and communities that need resources, grant writing affords the opportunity to affect positive change by offering nonprofits and for profits an opportunity to attract funding. This funding, in essence, supports the organization’s mission, focus, and goals because their organization is dedicated to providing support to the people it was founded for.

Grant Consulting Services, LLC’s Approach

Our proven method helps to provide effective strategies and results to help ensure that the organizations we work with are Grant Optimized. Grant Consulting Services, LLC uses a six step approach to the grant development process. These steps include:

1. Grant feasibility study. 

2. Grant optimization report and Written Program Plan

3. Ongoing Funding Search

4. Submitting grant proposals

5. Grant Compliance and Reporting

6. Continued Funding Search and Grant Proposal Submission


The grant feasibility study is our proprietary assessment designed to determine if an organization is viable and ready to take on the process of applying for funding. If the feasibility study is well executed, both parties will have a clear understanding of next steps that must be taken. During this study, a deep look at the organization and data are obtained and analyzed to  determine if they are ready for the rigors of applying for grant funding. If not, recommendations are made and we work in partnership to help the organization become grant optimized.

The next step in our proven method is to use the data from the feasibility study to optimize grant performance and develop a written program plan. This plan is the framework that includes the case statement, deliverables and evaluation measures among others This plan is customized for each individual organization to make sure goals are clarified and the outcomes will be beneficial to the communities it serves. 

Based on the predetermined funding focus areas, we conduct in-depth research to generate potential funding opportunities through various proactive and refined search tools. We have access to over 85,000 grant-making agencies in the United States, including the Federal Government.

Once a potential opportunity has been identified, the goal is to write a proposal (s) that meet the funder guidelines, tells a compelling story, and excels at giving the funder a proposal dedicated to providing a conduit between the need in the community and the funder focus area. After reviewing and submitting the proposal, there is still a period of waiting for the determination. This is just one grant opportunity, and there may be more available! 

We still assist with evaluation and reporting as well as continued funding searches throughout this process because there are more potential funding opportunities that need to be researched and proposals that need to be written. When a grant is awarded, we work with you to help ensure grant compliance and assist in grant reporting to the funder. 

Ongoing funding and research continue to be part of the process and focus even after a grant proposal has been submitted. Typically, it’s not as simple as one and done. Only 37% of grant applications are funded so several may need to be submitted in order to be funded. Proposals are thoroughly checked and reviewed to make sure they are consistent with the requirements stated and mentioned in the application. The follow-up research and ongoing funding research help us make sure we keep the client’s objectives in mind.


Grant Consulting Services, LLC has 22-plus years of experience, millions of dollars acquired in grant funding supporting organizations, schools and communities. Our vision is to fight against systemic giants of injustice while we give a voice to the unheard. Our written words allow us to make a difference in the lives of many through the grant development process. We have an exceptional understanding of what grant makers are looking for, and we’re here and happy to help you get the funding you need to best serve your community.

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