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We specialize in assisting organizations to meet their goals and objectives through comprehensive grant development services. These services include:

• Full project development
• Comprehensive funding searches
• Professional grant proposal writing services

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Funding Searches

Grant Proposal Review

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- Henry Miller

Fundraising is one of the most significant tasks done in order to ensure the continuation of your program or research. Yet many people lack the time, experience or skills to complete the application process. You no longer have to submit the same proposal to foundations or agencies that have different requirements. Let our experience work for you. We have a great success rate and understanding of what the grant-makers are looking for in a proposal. We can save you the time and potential headaches while helping you to be fully funded.

Did you ever wonder if there are other avenues of funding out there for your projects? There probably are. We have access to over 71,000 grant making agencies in the United States, including the Federal Government. We receive weekly updates to new and continuing funding opportunities. Let us find the perfect funding match for you!

So you have written your own proposal-congratulations! Your bleary eyes cannot possibly edit another page and you need to make sure all of your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed. We can help you here too. We will assist you in editing and critiquing your grant application to help you ensure it meets all of the potential funders guidelines.

Other services include writing collateral materials such as appeal letters, annual reports, and marketing materials. We are pleased to work with you individually to meet your needs in any or all of the above areas. We care about you and what you do. We strive to make your programs and research a resounding success!

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