Established in 2000, Grant Consulting Services works with organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Specializing in grant development, we understand the multiple complexities of funding through grants.

       We have clients that range from multiple schools across the nation, Organizations that assist the homeless and Tier 1 Auto suppliers. Whatever your business model or platform, you can trust us to help you develop or carry out a sound grant funding strategy.


"Our agency has worked with Ms. Nelson since 2001. We are extremely pleased with the quality of work provided by Ms. Nelson. She is a dedicated professional who has been a pleasure to work with. In my years of experience working with Ms. Nelson I have found her to be, hardworking, intelligent, ethical, an outstanding writer with excellent research skills and a person who completes projects on time. I highly recommend Valerie Nelson. " Margie J. Williams, Executive Director, Camp Fire USA North Oakland Council .

       " I am writing this letter on behalf of Valerie Nelson and Grant Consulting Services. Ms. Nelson and I worked together at Prince William Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers (PWIVC)in Manassas, VA in the HIV/AIDS Direct Services Program. Ms. Nelson was a delight to work with and an extremely valuable asset to PWIVC. Her dedication to ensure quality and timely services to people living with HIV/AIDS was evident by the quality of her work production and timeliness. She successfully penned a grant to the Whitman-Walker AIDS Walk Foundation and managed arduous reporting requirements for Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) and the Ryan White CARE Act Titles I and II. She has a wide variety of experience with community and federal grant management;as well as proposalwriting.

       I highly recommend the services of Valerie Nelson and Grant Consulting Service. I extremely admire her work ethic and perseverence!"

Briana Koger, Development Manager-NOVAM

" Ms. Valerie Nelson, Grant Consulting Services, is one of the best in the field. I had occasion to contact her for PRTWI when the person that had been obtained to write two grant requests was unable to complete the task. I called Ms. Nelson and through telephone contact and E-mail, briefly explained the situation,asked if she could review our work on short notice and also that we would be most grateful for any pro-bono assistance she could give. Valerie did work with us and the grant is currently being favorably considered. Her work is of such high caliber and she is an extremely pleasant person. PRTWI is definitely requesting her services for any future needs." Fran Nixon, Recruitment, PRTWI